Recording Media in Canvas:  You can record media for any length of time, but shorter media recordings are recommended. If your media is longer than 15 minutes, you may want to consider recording and uploading using an external provider. Longer media recordings require more time to render and may be interrupted without a stable internet connection.

Uploading Media to Canvas: Requires a strong and stable internet connection. For media to be uploaded we recommend that it be short in duration and small in size to ensure no issues are encountered. On initial upload of a media file the quality of the media may be lower, this is normal. When uploading media, the system will generate an initial low quality version as it is quicker to render this, it will then work in the background to render the file fully at the quality level it was uploaded at. Longer media requires more time to render and increases the risk of delays or issues.

How long before my file renders in high definition: This can be a few minutes or hours, it will depend on a number of factors. Those factors include your internet connection, the amount of content being uploaded to Canvas servers at that time or the queue your media render job is assigned to in the Canvas data centre. For this reason, we recommend having all media loaded into Canvas a minimum of 24 hours before it is needed by students.

Upload Limit: Canvas will not accept media uploads larger than 500 MB.


1) I have recorded media for my module and now I want to upload it so my students can view it. 

2) I want to record media for my module and share it for students to view



Recording Media in Canvas

1. Add a page to your module and open it to edit.

2. Click the down arrow beside the media icon and select Upload/Record Media.

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3. Click Record.

Note: You may need to allow your browser to access a webcam.

4. When ready to record, click Start Recording.

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Note: Audio playing on your computer will be picked up also by the recording.

5. When finished recording, click Finish. Enter a name for the recording and click Save.

6. If you need to make any adjustments to the video options, click on the video and then click Video Options.

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From here adjustments can be made to video quality, use of closed captions and display options

Hot Tip:

Recording media in this way can be really useful for short explainer videos or welcome messages for your module. 

Uploading Media in Canvas

Question: Do you need to upload the media to Canvas?
While Canvas can accept Media uploads it isn't the primary function of the system. Other options such as Vimeo, Youtube or Screencastomatic offer a quicker service while still allowing you to embed the content in Canvas to share with your students.

To upload media you have two options:

  • Upload a file via the file section
  • Upload in the text editor in Assignments, Discussions, Pages, etc.

Upload via file section

1. In your module navigation, click Files.

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2.  Click Upload

3. Choose the media file and upload it. A progress bar shows the upload. Once complete, a green check appears.

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If you click on the file name at this point you may see a message such as Media has been queued for conversion; Please try again in a little while. This is normal, the file has been uploaded but the system is still processing the file to render it at the appropriate quality.

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4. You can now add your media to an Assignment, Discussion or Page. With the text editor opened click the down arrow beside the media icon and select Module Media. A new window will open to the right of the screen.

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5. Click the file you wish to insert.
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The media file will now be inserted to your text editor and clicking on the video will give you the option to click Video Options.

Upload within text editor

1. With your assignment, discussion or page open, select the media option

2. Select from the dropdown Upload/Record Media.

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3. Drag and drop your media file or click on the screen to select your media file for upload

4. You will be presented with the media file onscreen to preview before you submit. To finish the upload click Submit

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5. Your media file will be inserted, it may show a rotating blue circle in the middle of the media but please give the media file a few moments to render. The larger the file the longer the time needed.

6. Clicking on the media file will give you the button Video Options, click this to open a new window to adjust settings for the video. 

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7. Additional options to adjust the media files quality will be available after the file has been fully rendered. These options will be available via the menu bar on the media.

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