The Student View feature allows you, the instructor,  to see what your students see. As the instructor you can use "Test Student" to submit activities as an enrolled student. This is a useful tool for double checking if you have released enough or too much information to your students at any one time. 

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Once your material is published.  A "Test Student" is automatically enrolled in your Gradebook. This is useful to check the information is displayed correctly. With the "Test Student" as a lecturer you can submit as a student to test the Canvas grading options. 

Once you have all your material uploaded or assignments created, double check any items that need be visible or hidden to students at particular dates and times. 

Of particular note here is Hiding assignment files from students

Use your "Test Student" tool to submit work and test the grading options. Once you are happy with what the student can view, you can reset Test Student for the next test.