You need to create an announcement in Canvas to share important information with all users within your module and with users in sections of a module.

You also need to receive notifications for announcements you created in your notification preferences.

  • A module needs to be published for students to receive announcement notifications.
  • If you import module content from another Canvas module, you need to manually enable notifications to receive notifications for imported announcements. See here for more information on importing content from another module. 


To create an announcement in Canvas, complete the following steps. 

  1. In Module Navigation, click Announcements.
  2. Click +Announcement to open the New announcement page. 
  3. Enter a title for the announcement in the Topic title field. 
  4. Enter the announcement content in the Rich Content Editor.
  5. Optional: To add materials like external links, images, media, and documents click down arrow next to their respective icons in the editor. You can then include external materials to the announcement.
  6. Optional: By default, Canvas sends your announcement to all sections within your module. If your module is crosslisted you may have multiple sections. To select specific sections for your announcement, click the Post to drop-down list and select the sections that you want the announcement to post to. 
  7. Optional: To add an attachment to your announcement, click Choose file and add the attachment. 
  8. Optional: You can select any of the following options for your announcement: 
    • Delay posting: Select to delay the posting of the announcement. You can select a date for the announcement to be posted. 
    • Allow users to comment: Select to allow students to comment on the announcement. Comments on announcements are not allowed by default if this is not selected. This selection is persistent, so is selected when you create a new announcement in the same module. 
    • Users must post before seeing replies: Select to require that students reply to the announcement before seeing other comments. This selection is not persistent and needs to be selected for each new announcement if required.
    • Enable podcast feed: Select to enable an announcement podcast feed.
    • Allow 'liking'. Select to allow students to like announcement replies. 
  9. Click Save. The announcement immediately appears in your module, unless you are using Delay posting.
Note: Comment options may not be available to you if announcement comments are disabled in your options. See here for information on how to check your module settings if you cannot see these checkboxes.

To receive announcement notifications on your announcement, complete the following steps.

  1. In Global Navigation, click Account.
  2. Click Notifications
  3. Under Email or Push Notification, click the bell icon beside Announcement created by you and select Notify immediately