Access Canvas Catalog here and locate the course that you would like to take. Click the Enroll button on the page to enroll in the course.

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If you do not currently have an or email address, add your name and email address in the fields.

Once you have completed this page (including ticking the agreements and the anti-spam filter) click Enrol in Course and you will receive an email to complete your registration. Follow the instructions in the email. 
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You will receive two emails from Canvas. One to confirm your account and another to acknowledge your enrolment on the course. Open the confirm your account email to finish registering. 

When you click to confirm your account, you will be brought to a page to add a new password. Once you have added this password, click Register.

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You will be taken to your Canvas dashboard. Click Employee Induction Advice and Guidelines, to access the course.


If you have any trouble logging in with your new account, please access Canvas using the following link (please note, this link will allow you to log in using your previously created access details above).