It is recommended that the default Grade Posting Policy in the Canvas Gradebook is set to Manual. This ensures you don't share feedback and grades with students until you are finished the grading and feedback process and happy to release grades. 


To set the grade posting policy to manual for all assessments, complete the following steps.

  1. In Module Navigation, click Grades.
  2. Click the settings icon Image Placeholder.
  3. Click the Grade Posting Policy tab.
  4. To post grades automatically, select Automatically Post Grades. When grades are posted automatically, students can view assignment grades as soon as they are entered.
  5. Note: If you select Automatically Post Grades after you have already hidden grades, previously hidden grades will remain hidden.


  6. To manually post grades for students to view, select Manually Post Grades. When Manually Post Grades is selected, grades are hidden from student view by default and must be posted to be viewed by students. See here for more information.
  7. To apply changes to the grade posting policy, click Update.

View Gradebook

If a manual posting policy has been applied in a course, all assignment headers will display the Manual label [1]. This label indicates that a manual posting policy is currently in place and future grades are hidden from student view.

Once a submission has been graded, the assignment header displays the visibility icon [2]. This indicates that there are grades within the assignment that must be posted before they can be viewed by students.

When grades are hidden from student view, the Total column also displays the visibility icon [3]. This indicates that the total grade in the Gradebook differs from the total grade viewed by the student.

To manage the posting policy for an assignment, click the options (⋮) icon [4].