I am delivering a number of modules on the same topic. As part of the students continuous assessment I want to run quizzes throughout the year. I want to be able to create a bank of questions for each topic covered so that I can then pull from them when creating my quizzes on the different modules.


You can create item banks in New Quizzes. Item banks can be used to store questions for use in other assessments. You can use your item banks in any course where you have permission to create and edit an assessment using New Quizzes.

To create an item bank in New Quizzes, complete the following steps.

  1. In the Module Navigation of your module, click Assignments.
  2. To select an existing quiz:
    1. Click an existing quiz to open the options page. 
    2. Click Build to open the quiz in the Quiz builder tool. 

  3. To create a new quiz:
    1. Click +Assignment, enter a name in the Assignment name field. 
    2. Select External tool as the Submission type. Enter Quizzes 2 in the Enter or find external tool URL field and click Find. Select Quizzes 2 from the list and click Select
    3. Click Build to open the quiz in the Quiz builder tool.
  4. Click Item Banks.
  5. Click +Bank.
  6. Enter a name in the Bank name field and click Create Bank to add it to the existing list. 
  7. To add questions to the item bank, when creating a question, click Item Banking and then click Add to Bank. Select the Existing item bank checkbox and select the destination bank from the list. See Creating and Adding Questions to a New Quizzes Quiz in Canvas for more information on creating questions. 

To add or edit questions directly in an item bank

  1. With the build screen open, click the options icon (⋮) 
  2. Click Manage Item Banks
  3. Click Bank Title
  4. Click +New
  5. Click pencil icon to edit

To add questions from an item bank in New Quizzes, complete the following steps.

  1. With the Item Banks panel open, click on the Bank you wish to add. This brings up all the questions (if any) which reside in the bank.
  2. To add all questions, click + All/Random.
  • To choose only a number of random questions from the item bank. With all questions from the bank added, click the edit icon (1) next to the questions from the bank (2). 
  • Click Randomly select questions
  • Input value for Number of questions
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  1. To add individual questions click the icon above each question. As you select the questions, you will see them being added to your quiz in real-time. Once finished, close the Item Banks panel to go back to your quiz.
  2. When you're finally happy with your quiz, click Return to exit out to be automatically brought back the Assignments page.