If you are attaching any file to an assignment (for example, an exam paper), you should ensure that students cannot see that file until the assignment due date.

This is achieved in the following ways:
  • Using the Schedule Student Availability option in the Canvas files area

Schedule student availability gives students a window of time to view the file. If you select this option, the file can be viewed by students in Module Files as well as anywhere in Canvas (such as when the file is added to Modules or Assignments), but the file will be locked and they cannot view the actual file until the specified date.

  • You can also hide the "Files" menu item in the left-hand module Navigation menu.
    • You can hide the Files item in the left-hand module navigation menu which will restrict students ability to access all module files.


To use the Schedule Student Availability option, complete the following steps.
  1. In the Canvas Module Navigation of your module, click Files.
  2. Click the publishing status icon beside the file name. 
  3. Select the Schedule student availability checkbox.
  4. Enter the starting date for the file to be available in the Available From field.
  5. If applicable, enter the date when students can no longer allow students to view the file in the Available Until field.
  6. Note: The time field is optional and if not selected it will default to 12am.

  7. Click UpdateIf the file is linked in another area of Canvas (such as Modules or Assignments), students will be able to see the name of the file, but if they click the file, they will see a message stating that the file has been locked and cannot be viewed until the specified date.

To hide the files menu item through navigation, complete the following steps.
  1. In the Canvas Module Navigation of your module, click Settings.
  2. Click Navigation.
  3. Click and drag Files from the top list to the bottom list.
  4. or

  5. Click the options icon (⋮) and click Disable.
  6. Click Save.