The Department of Technology Enhanced Learning has purchased licenses for Screencast-o-matic - a simple and intuitive screencasting application which has been used for some time in the institute - for use during this period.

To use the Dept of TEL's license for screencast-o-matic, please go to where you can download a version for offline use. You can also visit to use the software directly from the web page.

Downloading a copy of Screencast-O-Matic to your own machine

You can install a full iteration of screencast-o-matic on your own machine to use anytime, anywhere.

To do this, please

  1. Request a license by completing this online form. This will provide you with instructions and a password on how to install the full version of screencast-o-matic.
  2. Go to and select "Download install"
  3. Run the installer and, if prompted, click the "Team Plan" button
  4. If asked for an "Access Url", enter tel_mtu
  5. Enter this password which you receive from filling in online form (step 1)

Using the Online Screen Recorder

You can use a "light" version of screencast-o-matic from this webpage by clicking Launch Free Recorder.

This will prompt you to download a more basic version of the screencast-o-matic recorder, but one which can still support recording of video and audio and editing of same. When installed, this will open up and you can begin recording.

Please note that to use the online version of the software you will need to have Java installed. You will also need an internet connection whenever you want to record or edit.